Principal's Message

With the recent announcement of school being canceled through Friday, May 1st, we want to make you aware of steps we are taking to provide distance learning for the days we were scheduled to be in school.  While we realize these strategies cannot replace the face-to-face time students have with their teachers, they can provide continuous learning during emergencies when school is canceled.

Each week teachers will share with you grade level Learning/Choice Boards by 9:00 AM Monday morning. Students are expected to participate in the distance learning activities for all classes just as they would for a traditional school day. Students will be responsible to submit all work and respond electronically to any discussions on the due date provided by the teacher.  Attendance for these days will be confirmed by the submission of the Learning/Choice Board. If your student is unable to participate on a day of distance learning due to illness or other reason, parents need to call the school attendance office (275-6994) to excuse the student for that particular day. This process will be similar to excusing your student during a regular face-to-face learning day.

Students should expect to spend approximately 10-15 minutes per subject (PS-1st) and 20-30 minutes per subject (2nd-6th) each day in order to stay current with the teacher’s expectations.

If students have questions about their learning, they will be able to contact their classroom teachers via email. Teachers will be available via email between the hours of 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM each scheduled distance learning day. If you have questions outside of these hours, teachers will continue to monitor their email and respond as soon as possible.

Parents of students in 3rd-6th grades, if you are not familiar with Google Classroom as a parent, please ask your student to provide you access to their Google Classroom so that you can monitor the assignments and activities for each class as much as you desire each day.  Our students in 3rd-6th grade are familiar with navigating Google Classroom as this has been a platform for delivery at times this year.

Students receiving assistance from our Academic Services teachers will have access to the accommodations they typically receive.  Our Academic Service teachers will work closely with our general education teachers to adapt assignments and to provide the necessary supports for students on personalized service plans.

School counselors will also be available during the hours of 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM. Both students and parents can reach out to them via email. 

We continue to pray for all affected by this virus.  May God grant us safety and good health.

Stacy Charron, Principal