Academic Services

The Achievement Academy is a supplemental academic program for Bishop O'Gorman Catholic Schools students PK­-12. It is a special service offered to families that includes enrichment or remedial programs to broaden and strengthen student achievement, skills, knowledge and success.

Achievement Academy offers tutoring and testing.


Curriculum content tutoring is designed to provide one-to-one or small group instruction and support to students so they can maintain progress in academic areas.  The program is personalized to the instructional needs of each student and coordinated with the classroom teacher to foster skill development.  
Skills specific tutoring is an individualized program designed to accommodate academic, remedial or enriched needs of a child.  Following a complete evaluation, a comprehensive, personalized  program is designed.  

Parent-guided tutoring is designed to combine onsite tutoring with tutoring administered by the parent in the home.  This is for the parent that wishes to work with their child at home but needs structured programming designed for their child.  Weekly or bi-weekly checks by a tutor are scheduled to help determine if the student is ready for the next level/step in their individualized plan.

Private music lessons are offered in the areas of voice and instrumental at all of the Bishop O’Gorman Catholic Schools.  Lessons are individualized based on a student’s skill and developmental level.  


Bishop O’Gorman Catholic Schools offers the following assessments:

The Woodcock Johnson IV test of Cognitive Ability: administered by a school psychologist, provides a measure of general intellectual ability.  

The Woodcock Johnson IV Test of Achievement: measures academic achievement with specific information on academic strengths and weaknesses.  

The Woodcock Johnson IV test of Oral Language: provides measures of oral language, phonetic coding, and speed of lexical access.

The Connors Continuous Performance Test: a task oriented computerized assessment of attention disorders and neurological functioning. 

The test of Reading Comprehension: an innovative approach to evaluate  silent reading comprehension.
The Lindamood Auditory Conceptualization Screening measures an individual’s ability to perceive and conceptualize speech sounds.

Key Math: used to individually measure the essential math concepts and skills a student may exhibit as strengths or challenges.