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SFO (School Family Organization)

Creating a lasting partnership between staff and parents begins with the School-Family Organization (SFO). The SFO is responsible for holding three to four school-wide meetings which address current events happening at the school, fundraising efforts, and guest speakers who present on relevant topics for families.

The SFO is responsible for the primary fundraiser of the year, the Walk-A-Thon. The Walk-A-Thon is a time for families to come together in fun, exercise, community spirit, and to raise funds for the school. In addition to classroom supplies, technology, playground equipment, and seasonal events, the money raised is used for various school community events including Open House, Family Movie Night, and Grandparents’ Day. Many studies over the years have shown that parent involvement in school activities that are effectively planned and well implemented result in substantial benefits to children, parents, educators, and the entire school.